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Landscaping Lawn-Solar Lawn Lamp
- Jun 20, 2017 -

In recent years, with the increasing level of production technology, the market on the solar lawn lamp species have become Ling Lang, it is understood that the current types of lawn lamps are mainly European lawn lamp, modern lawn lamp, classical lawn lamp, anti-theft lawn lamp, landscape lawn lamp, LED lawn lamp series, which use the most when the LED Lawn lamp series.
LED long life, low voltage, generally low-voltage DC power supply, its light source control costs are low, can adjust the shading and frequent control switches, in addition, can make light color, change the classification of light, create a dynamic vision, at night to watch the words are very beautiful, played a certain beautification and embellishment role, at present in the park, community, villas, roadsides and other places can find its traces, the scope of application is very wide.