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Classification of solar power systems
- Jun 20, 2017 -

Solar power system is divided into Off-grid power generation system, GRID-connected power generation system and distributed generation system:
1. Off-grid power generation system is mainly composed of solar cell components, controllers, batteries, such as output power for AC 220V or 110V, but also need to configure the inverter.
2. Grid-connected power generation system is the DC power generated by the solar module after the grid-connected inverter converted to meet the requirements of the electricity grid AC power directly into the public grid, grid-connected power generation system has centralized large-scale grid-connected power stations are generally state-level power stations, the main feature is the power generation can be directly transported to the grid, from the power grid unified deployment to the user power.
3, distributed power generation system, also known as decentralized power generation or distributed energy supply, refers to the user on-site or near the use of small-scale photovoltaic power supply system to meet the needs of specific users, to support the existing distribution network economic operation, or meet both requirements.